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Genuine Honda Civic Tourer 1.8 Petrol Pollen Filter 2014 Onwards (80292TV1E01)

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Wurth Super Quick Fresh Citrus Aircon Sanitizer 150ml

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Part Number: 80292TV1E01

Genuine Honda Civic Tourer 1.8 Petrol Pollen Filter 2014 Onwards (80292TV1E01)


When breathed in, particles smaller than approximately 2 microns are absorbed into the lower respiratory tract and lungs and cannot be expelled by exhaling: they remain as deposits.


The superiority of Honda Genuine Cabin Filters : 3 layers in comparison with other products. Due to these 3 layers the Honda Genuine Cabin Filters have been specially designed for each particular model of vehicle to ensure that dust, pollen and other contaminants cannot flow through to the evaporator via air gaps. Filter types to suit the characteristics of each region are used.


Designed with a proprietary filter paper with air holes that trap fine dirt and dust (the area of the filter differs with model)

High efficiency due to minimal airflow resistance

Long operating life thanks to a proprietary filter paper material and structure

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