Genuine Honda Type 2 Coolant/Antifreeze 1 Litre (Pre Mixed) (08CLAG016S2)

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Part Number: 08CLAG016S2

Genuine Honda Type 2 Coolant/Antifreeze 1 Litre (Pre Mixed) (08CLAG016S2)

Genuine Honda Type 2 Coolant 1 Litre (Pre Mixed)

Suitable for all Honda engines including motorcycles

Gives the engine and cooling system the ultimate protection.

The Pro Honda Coolant Ready To Use offers excellent protection against corrosion as well as temperatures down to -36 Degrees C.

Pro Honda Coolant gives perfect protection to all types of metals that are used in modern engines and cooling systems.

Pro Honda Coolant is ready for use.

When replacing or adding coolant, please follow the Honda owner’s manual. This product is pre-mixed, do not add water. Drain and flush the cooling system before filling with new coolant

Silicate free!

Genuine Honda Antifreeze / Coolant

Part Number 08CLAG016S0

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