Wurth HHS 2000 Adhesive Lubricant Fluid 500 ML 0893106

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Part Number: 893106

Wurth HHS 2000 Adhesive Lubricant Fluid 500 ML 0893106

Partly synthetic oil that is extremely resistant to high pressures

High pressure resistance

Extraordinarily tear-proof lubricating film with excellent noise and vibration dampening


Good creep properties

  • Excellent lubricating properties for small gaps
  • Reliable protection against corrosion



Lubricant is centrifuge-resistant on turning and rotating parts


Good material compatibility

O and X-ring compatible, as well with plastics. Neutral behaviour on painted substrates.


Resistant to splashed water, salt water, weak acids and alkalis


Silicone-free, resin-free and acid-free


Resistance to high pressure loads

The HHS 2000 lubricating film remains active and does not tear off despite the high pressure load and shearing motion of the base body. Reliably separates the counterpart-body from the base body and thus ensures optimum wear protection at higher pressure loads. This is only possible for dirt-free lubricating points.

Application areaSuitable for universal lubrication and for high pressure loads, e.g. shifting, accelerator and clutch linkages, Bowden cables, pins, joints, hinges, reversing levers, lock strikers, drag link ends, sliding rails, chain wheels, toothed racks and open gearwheels

InstructionsShake the can before use, spray the parts and let it take effect briefly. After use, spray the can upside down until it is empty.

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