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10 Driving Hacks To Improve Fuel Efficiency [Infographic]

No matter whether you’re a new driver or have been behind the wheel for fifty years or more; the one thing which all motorists have in common is the desire to get the most from each and every tank of fuel.

With each and every driver conscious as to how often they’re filling up, we’ve put together our top 10 driving hacks to help improve fuel efficiency as well as taking a look at how ‘mpg’ has changed over the years.

10 Driving Hacks To Improve Fuel Efficiency [Infographic]

10 Driving Hacks To Improve Fuel Efficiency

Looking to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle? Here are 10 actionable tips that could improve your cars mpg between visits to the pumps.

    1. Drive A Manual Not Automatic Vehicle
      Driving a manual vehicle allows you to be intelligent with gear changes and reduce fuel consumption.
    1. Be Conservative Whilst Driving
      Be careful to avoid rapid acceleration and use gears wisely as this can have a significant impact upon fuel usage.
    1. Limit The Use Of Air Conditioning
      Open the window before turning on the A/C! Air conditioning is a well-known fuel guzzler, increasing fuel consumption by up to 25%.
    1. Switch Off Your Engine When Idling
      Every 10 minutes of idling costs between 1/10 and 4/10’s of a litre of fuel. Turn off your engine when stood still!
    1. Replace Filters Regularly
      It’s important to replace oil, air and fuel filters at the recommended intervals to maintain engine efficiency.
    1. Purchase A Fuel Efficient Car
      When in the market for a new vehicle, carefully consider the average mpg and weigh up any increased costs vs fuel savings.
    1. Remove Roof Racks / Boxes
      These add extra wind resistance and increase fuel consumption noticeably. Carry loads inside the vehicle and remove unnecessary weight.
    1. Maintain The Correct Tyre Pressure
      Maintaining the recommended tyre pressure helps reduce fuel consumption. Under-inflated tyres will also wear quicker.
    1. Combine Short Trips
      Sometimes easier said than done, try to combine short trips (e.g. buying a paper and doing the school run). A cold start uses more fuel.
  1. Decelerate Smoothly
    Rather than slamming on the brakes, release the accelerator in time and keep the car in gear.

At the end of the day, there’s always a way to save money on fuel and make your vehicle more efficient and, in many ways, it’s simply a case of knowing the tricks and hacks to help you do so!