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MK8 Honda Civic Custom Front Sports Grilles

Cox Motor Parts offer a wide range of genuine Honda replacement front grilles for the MK8 (2006 to 2011 models) Civic.

The factory fitted perspex grille has unfortunately not been the most resilient to general road use, with even small stones causing cracks in the grille . These are also incredibly expensive to replace like-for-like but thankfully there are a number of options to replace this grille with a more cost-effective solution that we also think actually enhances the overall look of the car.

The basic replacement is available in 2 formats, the standard version and the ‘closed back’ version which reduces cold airflow directly into the engine bay, both of which are the most cost-effective and simple options we offer.

We then have many custom grilles available which are customised to incorporate different colour trims and the coveted ‘Type-R’ badges.

Any combination available!

Next up are the latest additions to our range of Civic grilles, the fully colour-coded versions, where both the badge and trim are the same colour as the vehicle itself

We are now able to offer any combination of colour and badge you need (as well as the standard or closed back grille itself) – just see the below product where you can design your own!