Wurth Screenwash Plus Additive 1 Litre

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Part Number: 892332840

Wurth Screenwash Plus Additive 1 Litre

With anti-freeze for windscreen washer systems

Improved frost protection

Reliably and effectively prevents windscreen and headlamp washer units from freezing

Excellent, improved cleaning performance

Crystal-clear vision despite winter dirt such as road salt and other greasy road dirt

Gentle on materials

Does not attack polycarbonate glass

Gentle on paint and rubber

Suitable for fan nozzle

Suitable for all vehicle types

Easy-to-clean effect

The even and thin wetting of the window enables it to be cleaned easily.

Lasting cleaning effect, as dirt cannot adhere as quickly after use


Note on suitability for fan nozzles:

Due to the fluid’s viscosity, a fan-shaped spray jet can be ensured down to a temperature of -15C with 1:1 dilution

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