Tips for Safer Winter Driving

Carefully consider the below before out in the cold you go!

Tips for Safer Winter Driving

Plan your journey carefully. Start by thinking is this a journey you need to make?

Key vehicle checks:

  • Check your windscreen wipers are in excellent condition and fully working
  • Windscreen washer fluid should be topped up with winter strength anti-freeze
  • Ensure you have de-icer or have an ice scraper in your vehicle
  • Check your tyres are not damaged and have at leave 2.5mm of tread
  • Check all lights are in full working order, including front and rear fog lights
  • Ensure mobile phones are charged and has contact info in case of a breakdown

Be aware of weather conditions and keep your eyes on the road. Take particular care when in locations unlikely to have been gritted/salted such as car parks and smaller roads, especially if it is dark.

Always keep a breakdown kit in your vehicle – a blanket, shovel/spade, water, high-viz jacket, snack bars, boots and a torch are a good starting point. We also recommend having extra de-icer, screen wash anti-freeze and an ice scraper to hand, you can find a handy kit of these items, along with a microfibre cloth here

Finally, if you take medication, ensure you carry extra in case you are delayed.

Remember – Ice and Snow – Take it Slow!