Tunap 974 Micro Flex Petrol Treatment / Additive 200ml

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Tunap 974 Micro Flex Petrol Treatment / Additive 200ml

When used regularly, protects injectors from fuel-induced deposits and lowers fuel consumption and emissions to original factory levels. ROA 2 cleaning technology works directly on the injectors, reducing the risk of costly replacement.

(Reactive Organic Amines Technology)

  • Higher performance cleaning formula based on ROA2 technology.
  • Deposits on injectors are released and cleaned away.
  • Re-contamination is prevented.
  • Excellent dissolution capabilities in all gasoline fuel mixtures.
  • ROA2 Level 1: The cleaning performance is strong enough to remove dirt that builds up over the course of up to 10,000 miles (or the time between inspections).

Further characteristics

  • Protects against fuel-induced deposits.
  • The fuel becomes activated and acts directly on the injector.
  • Lowers fuel consumption and emissions caused by fuel-induced contamination back to original factory levels.
  • Suitable for consumer use.


For all suction-pipe and direct-injection gasoline engines.
Protects against poor fuel quality.
For regular protection after the use of Injector Direct Cleaner MF 979 or Injector Intensive Cleaner MF 937


Add to fuel tank during yearly inspection. Use the included filling nozzle.

Special precautions 
MF 974 for up to 80 litres of fuel.


Diesel, Super petrol, E10, B7: The choice at the petrol station is increasingly complex. Internationally varying legislations, highly developed motor technology and increasingly stricter emission standards are the reasons for a reduced harmony between engine and fuel.
The chemical processes in fuel systems generate contamination, deposits, coking and varnish.


  • Increased CO2 emission
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Susceptibility to faults
  • Expensive repairs


New additive concepts aim less at a Formula 1 feeling but rather at preservation of the fuel system. This includes Keeping the fuel injection nozzle holes, which nowadays have the same diameter as a human hair, free of coking and deposits.
TUNAP fuel and manifold system cleaning products help get you back on the road quickly at economic costs for chemicals and tools and have great potential to generate external economies.

TUNAP Fuel systems:

  • Reliably dissolve deposits and contamination
  • Combine innovative chemistry with specific tool technology
  • Available as problem solver and preventive product


  • Less CO2 emission
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Fewer repairs
  • Major cost savings
  • Increased customer satisfaction

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    Tunap 974 Micro Flex Petrol Treatment / Additive 200ml

    Original price was: £19.61.Current price is: £11.49.
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