Trade Accounts

Here at Cox Motor Parts, we offer a range of trade accounts to suit your needs. Whether you are wanting to see & make purchases excluding VAT (For EU VAT Registered Companies), or to buy in volume and make even more savings, we can help.

How Do I Get a Trade Account?

Any legally registered business in the UK or EU is eligible for a trade account and there is no subscription or one-off cost involved.

Simply fill in the form on this page, we’ll need your company number and any associated VAT numbers you also have along with a main contact. Hit send and we’ll get the ball rolling.

If you already have an account, we’ll start upgrading it straight away, changing the way you prices on the site so you don’t see the VAT and so you see our discount rates on product pages for bulk purchases. If you don’t already have an account, all you need to do is create one and we can do the rest.

Get More Discount

Once the initial account upgrade has been completed, you’ll start to see your personalised trade prices on products you buy most often. You will also be eligible to qualify for exclusive discount when buying products in volume – these prices and the quantities you’ll need to purchase to get these discounts will also appear on site.

As part of the full account upgrade, we’ll also review other aspects of your account such as your shipping costs, in most cases we’re also able to offer savings on this too.

Anything Else?

There’s no maximum limit on what you can order, nor is there a minimum however some products will have minimum purchase quantities required to receive the additional discount.

Due to legislation, we are only able to ship your orders to the registered address of the business.

Finally, if there is anything you are unsure about or you want to talk to someone about your trade account, please message us at and a specialist trade advisor will get back to you.

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