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How Do I Know What Honda Car Engine I Have?

How Do I Know What Honda Car Engine I Have?

There may be a time when you need to find out which specific engine your Honda vehicle has. Every model and trim is different, and they may have differing engine specifications. Here at Cox Motor Parts, we are an authorised Honda dealer specialising in genuine Honda parts, including Honda Civic parts and accessories.

This handy guide will cover all the details you need to figure out what engine you have. We will talk you through the VIN and how to decipher it, where to find the engine type code for all Honda engine models, the engine model number, and the engine serial number.

Read on and discover more about Honda engines’ model numbers.

Check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Every car will have a VIN or vehicle identification number, which identifies the manufacturer, the type of engine, and the engine model. The ISO Institute implemented the globally recognised VIN format so that it can be easily deciphered.

You will be able to find the VIN in the following locations:

  • On the dashboard
  • The driver’s side door
  • On the vehicle registration certificate.

It is a series of letters and numbers, each with a specific meaning, giving your vehicle its unique identity.

How do you decode a Honda VIN?

You can break the vehicle identification number down by separating the numbers and letters and finding out what each means. The first three digits identify the engine’s manufacturer.

The first character is the geographic location of the manufacturer, and the second and third identify the manufacturer. The following five characters are the vehicle description section, giving you information on the body style and engine type.

The ninth character is a security code that identifies the VIN as being authorised by the manufacturer. The tenth digit is the model year, and the eleventh is which plant assembled the vehicle. Finally, the last six digits are the serial numbers for the vehicle.

How to find the engine type code for a Honda car

You can find the engine type codes just below the head gasket engraved on the top of the engine block or stamped into the side of the engine. The engine type code is normally anything up to a four-digit code. The seven-digit serial numbers will follow.

How to find the engine model number for a Honda car

You can find the engine type identification code on all Honda engines. It usually starts with two letters that denote the engine series. This is followed by some numbers which identify the engine size.

Next in the code is usually a letter and number, which together will tell you the manufacturing location and model version. Last in the code is a few letters that allow you to identify the exact variant of the engine. This is known as the engine type code.

You will be able to find a model number sticker on the engine. The base engine model means all Honda engine serial numbers start with the letter G.

FAQs about Honda engines

How can you tell what year a Honda car engine is?

Your Honda engine will have a code engraved inside the engine block. You can figure out your Honda engine’s age by looking at each number in the code. The first letter will tell you the decade it was manufactured; for instance, ‘C’ is the 1960s, ‘D’ is the 1970s and so on. The second digit will denote the year of manufacturing.

How do I identify a Honda B series engine?

You can identify a Honda B series engine because the letter B is usually followed by two digits representing the engine’s displacement.

What does the 8th digit in a VIN mean?

Each digit in the Vehicle Identification Number means a different thing. The 8th digit on the VIN is the engine code. This will tell you the size of your engine.

Is the engine car number the same as a VIN?

The VIN is stamped onto the chassis of your Honda, so it’s specific to that model. This is your car’s unique code by which it can be identified. Each car is given a VIN during production, and so it is specific to each car.

The engine in your car can be changed and therefore has a separate code that identifies your Honda engine’s power output and size. If you need a new engine, you will have a new engine code; however, your car’s VIN will remain.

Find the right Honda parts for your car

In this guide, we’ve covered how to find your Honda engine model and serial numbers, your Honda engine model number and the Honda type code.

Hopefully, with all this information, you have been able to find out what Honda engine you have. 

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