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Preparing Your Car For Long Journeys

Going on a road trip is a great way to relax. It’s the chance to get out of the city and feel the freedom of being out in the world and driving towards a destination of your choice. But there’s nothing worse than setting out on a long car journey, only to break down halfway through the trip and be stranded. Preparing your car is key to ensuring that a road trip is enjoyed to the fullest.

At Cox Motor Parts, we believe that safety is of the utmost importance when driving. Taking a moment to plan for a road trip can make the difference between breaking down and having a safe experience. With that in mind, here are several tips for preparing your car for long journeys.

The first step of preparing your car should be a service

Before going on a long journey, it’s worth checking every component of a car to ensure that it meets road safety standards. This could involve giving the car a thorough clean, changing the oil, swapping out spark plugs and changing the air filter.

We provide a variety of service kits that are suitable for preparing Hondas for a long journey. Our Honda Accord service kit features an oil filter, sump washer, air filter, pollen filter and spark plugs. Read our guide on how to change and replace spark plugs to find out more.

If you spot leaking oil from your vehicle, read our guide on how to fix common Honda oil leaks to repair your vehicle.

Pack a survival kit

There is a range of helpful equipment that can be used for a long car journey. The following items are a crucial part of any road survival kit:

  • Torch
  • Screwdriver or wrench
  • Towing rope
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Tyre inflator
  • Car battery jump leads
  • Towels for cleaning windows

Bring entertainment equipment

When driving for hours on end, it’s good to have access to entertainment devices to pass the time. Be sure to bring portable chargers for a phone, GoPro or other electronic device. If you plan on taking photos and videos, then remember to take memory cards so you have room for all the footage.

Podcasts and audiobooks are another great form of car entertainment. They provide the opportunity to learn about a new subject or listen to an interesting story. For drivers who fancy a retro driving experience, why not bring a few CDs and listen to your favourite music.

Carrying out a final check

Once you’ve packed all the necessary equipment, it’s time for one last check. Start by checking oil levels and replace the oil if necessary. Then move onto the tyres and look for any signs of bulges or damage. Examine the windscreen wipers fluid and top it up to ensure a clean line of vision while driving.

Other areas that need to be checked include the headlights, air conditioner, coolant and brakes.

You can also check out our guide how to change and replace wiper blades to help cover any wiper blades maintenance issues you may have with your car.

Driving tips

When on the road, it’s important to remember the following:

  • Take regular breaks and rest accordingly. Nap for at least 30 minutes during the day and check into a hotel at night.
  • Avoid boredom and fatigue by listening to a podcast or audiobook.
  • Maintain a steady pace when driving and do not be tempted to move at high speeds. This may lead to an accident.
  • If travelling in the passenger seat, engage with the driver and keep them motivated during long stretches on the road.

Preparation is vital to a successful road trip. Cox Motor Parts is dedicated to supplying high-quality Honda equipment that is ideal for preparing your car for long journeys. For more information get in touch or contact us on +440152468071.