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How to Select the Correct Side Parts for Your Vehicle

How to Select the Correct Side Parts for Your Vehicle

Here at Cox Motor Parts, we understand it can sometimes be tricky selecting products for a particular side of the car. But we want to make it easy for you to choose the products you need for your vehicle. 

To make the process of selecting car parts as simple as possible, follow our standard method for genuine Honda parts, which can be for either side of your car.

How do I know which side part I need?


We base everything as if you are looking from the rear of the car. That way, regardless if you have a right-hand or left-hand drive, you know which item to select – it’s either for the left or the right of the car.

Once you have selected the product for the side of the car you need based on the image above, you’ll then be able to select if you have a left-hand drive or right-hand drive model from the dropdown.

You will also come across the terms ‘nearside’ and ‘offside’. The nearside of the car is the passenger side. So think of this as the side of the car nearest to the kerb. This leaves the offside, which is the driver’s side of the car.

What types of body parts can I buy?


Ensuring you have the correct lights for your vehicle is vital for your safety. Lights provide visibility in the dark and during adverse weather conditions.

Whether you need headlights, fog lights, brake lights or any other type of Honda lights, it is essential you select the correct lights for the required side of the vehicle. 


Whether you’re replacing a broken skirt or upgrading from your car’s existing part, it is important to select the correct skirt for the required side otherwise the part won’t fit. 

Honda Civic body kits are a great way to change up the style of your Honda Civic, but just make sure to select the right or left skirt depending on the desired side. 

Wing mirrors

Not only will you need to make sure you have the right casing to match the model of your car, but you will also need the correct mirror for the desired side of the car. 

There are various different elements that you could be looking to change relating to your wing mirrors. Whether you’re looking for Honda Civic wing mirrors or wing mirrors for another Honda model, be sure to select the correct part for the side of the car desired. 


Replacing wiper blades can be straightforward, as long as you select the correct wiper blades for the model of your car and choose the correct part you wish to replace. 

When choosing wiper blades on our website, select whether you are looking for a front or rear wiper, and a driver’s side or passenger side wiper blade.

Whether you are looking for Honda CR-V wiper blades, Honda Civic wiper blades or Honda Jazz wiper blades, be sure to select the correct wiper before you purchase.

Examples of choosing the correct side parts

Here are a few typical scenarios you may come across which might help you distinguish which side part you need:

Drivers side wing mirrors

“I need a new drivers side wing mirror for a right-hand drive car.”

Based on the image above, you would select the RIGHT wing mirror from the list of products and from the dropdown select RHD – DRIVER SIDE.

Drivers side headlights

“I’m looking for a new driver side headlight for my Civic. My car is registered in France.”

Based on the image above, you would select the LEFT headlight from the list of products and from the dropdown select LHD – DRIVER SIDE.

Nearside wipers

“Which product do I need to select for the nearside wiper on my UK Accord?”

Based on the image above, you would select the LEFT wiper from the list of products and from the dropdown select RHD – PASSENGER SIDE.

How to buy side parts for your Honda

Here at Cox Motor Parts, we’ve made it pretty easy to choose which side part you need for your Honda. Follow our simple process below to ensure you buy the right body parts according to your make, model and year. 

1 – Work out which part you need

First, make sure to distinguish whether you need a Honda part for the vehicle’s left, right, front or rear side. Make sure to base your left and right from the rear side of the vehicle, as we mentioned earlier. 

2 – Search for your part

Now it’s time to find your Honda part. Here at Cox Motor Parts, we only sell genuine Honda parts, whether that be for your Honda CR-V, Honda Jazz, or any other Honda model. 

Select your Honda model on our website, and simply navigate your way through to find the correct part for your vehicle.

3 – Provide your VIN number 

As a final step, please also provide your vehicle registration or VIN number in the field provided. One of our processing team will double-check the details of your order to ensure we are sending you the correct genuine Honda part. 

Find genuine Honda body parts for your vehicle

Cox Motor Parts have several genuine Honda parts and accessories available, including Honda Civic parts and Honda Jazz accessories. You can also check out our guides on how to change and replace wiper blades or how long Honda brake pads last.

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